FullY Digital workflow


Prosthetic-driven planning

Comprehensive visualization and real prosthetic-driven implant planning. Direct import of prosthetic designs from DWOS CAD software into coDiagnostiX™ allows for the integration of preoperative and prosthetic situations. 

Immediate provisional restorations

The export of preoperative planning data from coDiagnostiX™ into DWOS CAD allows for the design and fabrication of preoperative provisional restorations. 

Digital drill guide fabrication

The new time and cost saving digital workflow does not require a scan template for digital drill guide fabrication. The 3D volume data from a (CB)CT scanner is combined with a surface scan. Such surface scans can be made with intra oral scanners (I-Tero by Kadent), model or impression scanners (i, 3 or 7 series by Dental Wings).

(CB)CT data import

Supports the DICOM standard, coDiagnostiX™ is compatible with a high variety of (CB)CT scanners.